Diabetes Reversed

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One patient’s journey back to health – the key is “only we (individuals) have the power to make our lives heathy and happy”.

I am a patient at Paradise Medical Centre, I am 40 years old and this is my story on how I reversed my health problems and my type 2 diabetes. I have been a type 2 diabetic for approx. 10 years now. My story really started in mid-August 2015 when my health took a turn for the worse and I fell ill. I began passing blood with my stool as well as vomiting food and blood. I suffered from blurred vision which resulted in me falling down the stairs two or three times. All of my joints were in pain all the time and my diabetes was out of control. My sciatic nerve on both my legs was playing up as well as experiencing back pain. Following a hit and run in November 2014 my right knee lost all full movement and was in constant pain. I was really struggling with my health.

It was at this point I knew I had to do something and decided to join Simply Gym on the A45. I think I joined the gym on 1st September. I struggled doing anything on the machines or any form of exercise as I was only lasting about 5 to 7 minutes on the treadmill and that was just walking with no incline. After a few days I bumped into another gym member, we had a chat and he said he was a doctor, I trusted him enough to have a frank conversation about all my health problems and he advised me that I can sort this out if I just lost some weight. I replied that I was already losing weight without trying (due to my current health problems). He also said if you put your mind to it diabetes can be reversed.

I was very upset with a number of personal and health issues which 2 individual I spoken in confided and then made my life a living hell.

In November 2015 I had already booked my place on a community pilgrimage to visit the birth place of Sikhism at Sri Nankana Sahib (birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev Ji). The main reason being that my birthday falls within the time we are there, I feel at peace.

 On the morning of my birthday I made the journey from Tambu Sahib to Sri Nankana Sahib. I did my heart felt personal prayer to my Guru (Ardas) to make me normal so I had no more suffering or pain or end my life as I don’t want to live any more like this.

Once I did my Ardas I sat down within the congregation, I listened to the hymns (Shabad Kirtan) which translated in English as: “ My True Guru is always merciful; He has saved me, the meek one. He has cured me of my disease and I have obtained the greatest peace.” I was still listening to the hymns when I broke down and could not stop crying.

I felt a pair of comforting arms wrapped around me, when I looked up it was an unknown person to me, he was a baptised Sikh (Amritdhari Singh). This gentle voice asked me, “why, my son, are you crying?”. I told him everything that was happening in my life and what I was going through. I told him it was my birthday and this was my second visit here. I was very honest and open with him to tell him that people say because I ask for simple things I get them as god Does not listen to the likes of me if I was to ask him for anything more. This sikh stated you have a true heart ask Guru what you want and he will never say no to you. But remember that the Guru is giving you a second chance- make it count. Also remember that God never does it himself but you will have to do it yourself and he will guide you through this with others helping you, believe that and you will be rewarded.

 I said that I am only one person and he quoted my Guru says “My one Sikh is equal to 125000” although this not be a time of war but it is your mission to help as many other people you can by getting their life back in order. I felt blessed and I truly believe that Guru Ji had sent him to help me.

 On my return to the UK I was feeling much better and felt like a new person with a purpose.

 hilst browsing the internet a couple days before Christmas day I stumbled upon a page for an organisation called CRISIS. On Christmas day I turned up as a volunteer to help serve the homeless with a hot meal, working in the kitchen for the full day. Whilst volunteering it triggered a thought in my mind- how can I help others when I am struggling with health issues of my own?  I realised that I need to do more to become more fit and healthy. Whilst previously I gave up too easily, I was now more determined and started to work out more. As a result by the beginning of January 2015 I had stopped passing blood and vomiting blood and food. I had really started feeling much better and I got involved in more activities at the gym with so many people encouraging me along. There was a class that I wanted to join but due to the fear of humiliation of not being good enough, previous bullying episodes and not having the right physical fitness I was too scared to attend. I plucked up the courage to talk to the instructor who taught that particular class and she told me to join and she would modify all the moves so I could join in. She was very nice and polite towards me and due to this I joined many other classes and meeting more lovely instructors.

 I got myself a personal trainer who helped me with my diet and overall health. Over time I got stronger and faster and my health improved. I also joined the vibe cycle team; they are some of the most positive people I have ever met. I have surrounded myself with positive people who have changed my life, people who do not judge when I make mistakes and keep on encouraging you to keep going.

 In March 2015 I went back to CRISIS for a get together event. A presentation was shown about the Christmas event that took place for the first time in Coventry. I realised I could really make a difference so I stepped forward and asked them if I could design and implement a training program to help the homeless who needed to get a job by supporting and training them in mock interviews and exams with real life experience. I also at this event met organisation coordinators for WELLBEING.

 I started to work on this project in my own time, one of my work colleagues asked me a simple question: “How can you help others when you yourself need help”. I was lost for words. Whilst visiting a local church (donating food to the food bank) a lovely Christian fellow who was also visiting the church said to me “you’re a beacon of hope, so lead by example my brother”, these words hit me hard but he was right my Guru had given me a second chance and I was not using it wisely.

 From this point forward I made it my personal mission to sort out my health problems before the start of the CRISIS project in January 2017.

 I met my doctor on 27th August 2016, he was surprised with my results. He asked me to write down and share what I have been through the last year and what it was that I was doing to get these results. I am now sharing all this personal information with you all so you know you can reverse your health problems and type 2 diabetes.

 This was achieved on 3rd September 2016 when I was no longer a diabetic, passing or vomiting food or blood; all my joints are normal and my knee fully functional. I am now looking forward to the final sign off from the NHS on 6th September 2016. In a nut shell, I’m fit and healthy. To all those who are reading this I would urge you not to give up. I wish you all find the peace that I found within myself. Remember that God is within us all and we should pray for each other’s happiness and good health as only we have the power to make the changes required to live a happy and healthy life.

 I would like this opportunity to thank the NHS staff and the member of the gym that have been there for me from the bottom of my heart.

Below are the changes that I made to my lifestyle to get the results that changed my life.

My size when I was diabeticNow
I was 38” waistI am 33” waist
I was 31.5% fatI am 12.1% fat
My weigh was 106 KG88 KG
My HbA1c was 9248
Eating habits when I was diabeticNow
Whole pack of biscuits per day2 or 3 biscuits every 2 days
2 or 3 crisp packs1 crisp pack a month
1 chocolate bar1 mint protein bars grenade carb killa
Large bowl of ice cream summer time1 or 2 scoops of ice cream summer time (once a week
Pizza twice a weekPizza 2 times a month
Pasta once a weekPasta if lucky once a month
2 cakes/donuts per day2 cakes/donuts per week
Fried food English or Indian twice a weekFried food English or Indian once a month
Never had cerealCereal 5 times a week
Sandwiches for workHummus with carrot sticks twice a week for lunch
Eating before going to bedEating before 6 pm and only having milk before bed.

Way to lose body fat to improve your health and wellbeing

1.      Look at your diet as this is about 70 % of the solution

2.      Have positive mind set and set your goal that can be achieved and stick to it, no rush, warm up and cool down

3.      Work the three biggest muscle groups in your body: back, chest and legs- and do core strengthening exercises

4.      Increase heart beat by doing cardio to fat burning zone for your age and engage the core

The best way is to get a personal trainer that is positive and understands your goals.

The diet what I looked at was:

Low carbs (so I added fibre to my diet with quest bars and fibre powder.

Protein (make sure you get enough of this)

Reducing or cutting out sugar fat and oily foods, replacing them with hummous and vegetables and nuts and other natural oily foods that are good for you.

Drink plenty of water and cut out fizzy drinks.

Remember it’s not weight or BMI but body fat percentage – reduce that and your sugar levels will come down and this will help with your back problems with less weight to carry, also muscle weighs 5 times more than fat.

It is very important to have a positive mind set and surround yourself with positive people who will support you through this, its mind over matter. My heroes are the Paralympic athletes – if they can do it, why can’t we? Believe in yourself and anything is possible.